Gene R. Beaty

Aggressive DWI Defense Strategies
by an Experienced DWI Attorney

Beaty Law, a DWI law firm in Texas, is proud to represent clients in Collin County, Dallas County, Denton County and Tarrant County. If DWI charges are brought against you, you run the risk of having your driver's license revoked and could be faced with jail time. Gene Beaty has over 35 years of experience practicing law and has acquired extensive expertise in representing DWI cases.

DWI can be a difficult case to defend against because the majority of cases depend directly on a police officer's observation and chemical testing. If you hire Beaty Law firm, you will have Gene Beaty fighting in your corner for your rights.

A DWI arrest is extremely serious and you will need a good DWI defense. With years of experience practicing law and representing DWI cases, Gene Beaty will ensure the best defense for you in light of the charges brought against you.